Managed IT Services


We at Premier Data Services rely on our customer’s loyalty in measuring our own success. Our goal is to develop solidified partnerships with our clients by understanding current and potential IT risks to their business and providing solutions to mitigate those risks. We help our clients succeed by ensuring their IT infrastructure is operating at peak performance while ensuring the highest level of quality and security.


Taking the initiative can make all the difference. At Premier Data Services, we believe in taking that initiative. We take a proactive approach to IT management by constantly monitoring your network for any signs of trouble. This allows us to find and in many cases, prevent problems, before they even become problems in the first place.


Premier Data Services is staffed by a team of industry professionals with over 70 years combined experience. The team members have obtained certifications from Cisco, HP, Microsoft, and other leading vendors, illustrating Premier Data Services’ knowledge in IT, helpdesk, and core infrastructure management and design.
Premier Data Services never downplays the importance of hiring the “best-in-class” when it comes to its team of Certified System Engineers and Client Advisors. By partnering with Premier Data Services, you’ll be able to complement your current staff with a team of experts whose skill sets encompass a wide range of technologies your organization utilizes on a daily-basis.


The IT professionals at Premier Data Services take IT Security very seriously. Cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate and having very costly impacts to small, mid and large sized companies. No matter the industry, there is no organization that is spared from a cyber threat unless IT measures are put in place to prevent the threat. Our experienced Network Security team will help protect your organization from internal and external threats including SPAM, viruses, potential hackers and other network security hazards.


Within many industries, local, state and federal legislation is making IT security a lawful requirement. In many cases, specifically related to data that contains personal and private information. Premier Data Services is a SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliance certified company. The SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliance certification uniquely positions Premier Data Services in having the controls relevant to security, availability and confidentially of data pertaining to the Managed IT Services we provide to our customers.


As your company grows, it will be imperative that your technology does as well. Customers that have partnered with Premier Data Services have witnessed firsthand, that the processes, networks and systems we manage can handle their economic growth so they’re able to continuously meet market demands. This is extremely important to small businesses because they have the biggest growth potential and need to maximize their return and in most cases, with minimal IT resources.


  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX installation
  • Adobe Flash Player Installation
  • Adobe Reader Installation


  • Anti-Spyware or Anti-Malware Scan Request
  • MalwareBytes install/Scan


  • Antivirus installation/Rollout
  • Antivirus Scan Request
  • Antivirus Software Corrupt/Issue
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Live Update
  • Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer all versions

Java Updates

  • Java 2 Runtime Environment installation
  • Java 6 installation
  • Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update

System Administration

  • Desktop Profile Migration – Workgroup to Domain

System Performance

  • Defrag Windows Disk

Microsoft Office Updates

  • Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 Installation
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components Microsoft
  • Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Installation

Service Pack

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Installation
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Installation
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Installation

User Profile – Desktop

  • Desktop Profile Migration – Cross Forest
  • Exporting mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to PST
  • Microsoft Office Corrupt/Installation/Troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Outlook Issue (All Versions)
  • Outlook Express Issue (All Versions)
  • Outlook Profile Configuration (Mail Server Migration)
  • PST Export/Import
  • Putty Installation
  • User Profile Hive Cleanup Service


  • Ask Toolbar Installation
  • CCleaner Installation / Removal
  • Google Chrome Installation
  • Google Earth Installation iTunes
  • Installation
  • Klickerz Installation
  • Mozilla Firefox Installation
  • PDFCreator Installation
  • Picasa 3.5 Installation
  • RealPlayer Installation
  • Safari Installation
  • SaveAsPDF Installation
  • Shadow Copy Client Installation
  • Shockwave Installation Skype Installation
  • TeamViewer Installation
  • TightVNC Installation / Update USB
  • Driver for USB Adapter Cable
  • VLC media player Installation
  • VNC Free Edition Installation
  • Windows Defender 932/64 Bit) Installation / Troubleshooting
  • Windows Media Player (32/64 Bit)
  • YAHOO! Toolbar Installation

Active Directory

  • Cross Forest Migration Demotion and metadata cleanup DFS Setup
  • DHCP Failover / Split Scope
  • Configuration
  • Migration 2003 to 2008
  • Migration 2003 to 2012

File & Print Server

  • Configuring DFS
  • File Server / Data Migration
  • Printer / Print Server Migration


  • Lync Setup


  • Migrate VM servers to new host


  • SBS Migration from 2003 to 2008
  • SBS Migration from 2003 to 2011


  • 3rd Party Email to On-Premise/Hosted Exchage Server Migration
  • 3rd Party to 3rd Party Email Migration
  • Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 Migration
  • Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 Migration
  • Exchange Co-Existence Setup
  • Exchange Cross Forest Migration
  • Exchange DAG setup
  • Exchange SBS 2003 Migration to Office 365
  • Exchange Setup for Multiple Domains Exchange to Office 365 & Outlook Configuration Hosted
  • Exchange to 3rd Party Email Migration Office 365 Migrations
  • On-Premise Exchange Server to 3rd Part Email / Hosted Exchange Migration
  • On-Premise Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration

Potential Project Engagement Categories –

  • Active Directory
  • Email/Exchange
  • File & Print Server
  • Messaging
  • Network
  • P2V
  • SBS
  • Setup
  • SharePoint
  • Software Install
  • SQL
  • Virtualization
  • VMware
  • Utility
  • … and more!


  • Firewall Configuration
  • Firewall Configuration with Failover
  • Firewall Migration
  • Firewall Site to Site VPN Setup VPN Setup
  • Remote Desktop Gateway Install and Configuration
  • Router Configuration
  • SBS – RWW & VPN Setup


  • SharePoint – Migration
  • SharePoint – Setup

Software Install

  • Shadow Copy Client Installation


  • Migrate terminal services or RDS RDS Gateway Install
  • RDS Migration Remote Desktop RRAS Configuration
  • RRAS Setup & Configure Setup iDRAC / ILO Terminal Server Setup
  • New Exchange Server Setup


  • SQL Setup/Migration/Upgrade

Virtual to Physical

  • Bare Metal Recovery


  • Citrix XenApp Setup
  • Configuring C3 VM Servers
  • Hyper-V Migration
  • Hyper-V Replication
  • Hyper-V setup – RDS Server deployment and configuration


  • VMware Cluster Setup
  • VMware ESXi Host Setup / Upgrade
  • VMware Host and vCenter Server
  • VMware Rebuild ESXi Host
  • VMware Storage Migration / Re-Configuration
  • VMware Vcenter Upgrade
  • Reconfigure VMware Storage