Premier Data Services

CLOUD Hosting

PDS’ EnterpriseCloud delivers the simplicity and agility of popular public cloud services, but with the security and control that you need in a private cloud!


What is the Cloud?

Provides complete IT infrastructure that integrates IT resources to run nearly every application.

Streamlines IT management and eliminates the need for companies needing specialized IT skill sets.

Eliminates waiting weeks or months to purchase hardware in order to run your core business application.

Combines public and private CLOUD operations with centralized management of your company’s IT.


Near Instant Deployment
IT infrastructure delivered in no time!
Seamless IT Replacement
Nothing strikes fear into a business owner’s heart like having to deal with the cyclical replacement of your legacy IT environment every 4-6 yrs.
In the Cloud We Trust
Small, medium and large businesses over the last two years have had far more trust and faith in the security of the CLOUD than in the years leading up to 2016. Small to mid-cap businesses are more often than not, trusting CLOUD services for security, governance and risk management.

Cloud is the Future

  • Pay-as-you-go economic model, therefore limited initial capital expenses.
  • Focuses on the end user experience.
  • Faster response time from IT.
  • Instant deployment of powerful management tools.